Ed Stone   Instructor & Proprietor

Ed Stone
Instructor & Proprietor


  • NRA Member and Instructor
  • U.S. Army Veteran during Vietnam War
  • 8 Year Raleigh Firefighter & Raleigh EMT
  • 25 Year Nurse
  • Avid Shooter

From the time of discharge from the army, I have always worked with the public; as a firefighter, EMT and as a nurse. I enjoyed helping people and wanted to keep others safe. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, especially shooting and hunting.

I started teaching conceal carry and general personal safety classes many years ago because I want to help people learn how to protect themselves as well as others around them. I believe that in order to know how to shoot a pistol and operate it safely, one must have a good knowledge of the laws and how it relates to it's use. I have small classes in an effort to keep the class relaxed and to allow people the ability to ask questions they have. I look forward to teaching others in the months and years to come.